Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Second most popular language on the Web

Did you know that according to study of a linguist AndrĂ¡s Kornai, Russian language is now the second most common language on the Internet as judged by volume of text?

The Language of Tolstoy and Pushkin occupies about 6.1% of online texts, coming in a distant second to English, with 54.9%, ITAR-TASS reports.

The top three is rounded off by German with 5.3%. Next in descending order come Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish Italian, Turkish, Dutch and Persian.
Russian Minister of Mass Media and Communications Nikolai Nikiforov also spoke of this in late October at the Open Innovations forum in Moscow. "The number of Russian-speaking users around the world is so great, that our language is the second most popular on the World Wide Web". Moreover, he said, this creates "positive preconditions for further development of the high-tech economy in our country.”

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